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To Eat Sushi

The inspiration for this logo derives from the brand's name, "To Eat Sushi." I ingeniously meld the English letter 'O' with sushi elements, resulting in a charming, original hand-drawing icon. It Icon expresses an adorable cute brand vibe. About the font, I rounded the edges, to ensure a cohesive brand image. Also, for the color palette, I drew the elements from essential sushi ingredients like avocado, salmon, and rice, infusing the entire design with a taste of the light, fresh, and cute visual experience, making it a visual delight for sushi enthusiasts.

这个标志的灵感来源于品牌名称“To Eat Sushi”。 我巧妙地将英文字母“O”与寿司元素融合在一起,形成了一个迷人的手工图标。 关于
字体,我将边缘磨圆,以确保品牌形象具有凝聚力。 另外,在配色上,我借鉴了牛油果、三文鱼、大米等寿司必备食材的元素,为整个设计注入了轻快、清新、可爱的视觉体验,给寿司爱好者带来视觉上的享受。

: 241 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

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