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In 2023, I was assigned the task in Am Branding of redesigning the website for a renowned Japanese ramen chain restaurant.

Through my research, I discovered that Kajiken, though relatively young, is known for serving authentic "abura soba" ramen in Japan.


To highlight its unique brand style, I chose rough ink strokes and inwash watercolor elements as the primary visual components throughout the entire website design.

Designed: Evelyn 

Tools: Photoshop, Figma, Wix

Desktop - 1.png

Old Web & Problems Analysis



Old-Home Page


Old-Contact Page

Update and iterate

The client wants to highlight their main product. Although Kajiken is a famous brand in East Asia, it still hasn't gained enough reputation in North America. Therefore, the client wants to emphasize their main product on the homepage but in an intuitive way.

In the old page, they used a video as a hero banner. The high-speed rotating video caused users to feel dizzy and made it hard to concentrate on reading the information in the text.

So, I redesigned it but kept this element, moving it to the About page.

Additionally, I designed a quick menu section under the hero banner to make it easier for users and improve their conversion rate.

At the same time, the feature of the Kajien brand is its unlimited creative toppings, but this was not mentioned on the old website. So I added it to the main page.



At the same time, the client hoped to utilize the website for promotional purposes to attract more franchisees.

However, there was no such page on the old website.

Therefore, I designed a new page and incorporated worldwide stores data to support it.


Since I adopted the form of ink painting for the entire web design, I created an animation on the About page where the entire webpage slowly unfolds like a scroll, revealing the brand's development timeline.

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